Distant Matter

Imagine the sultry electronic synth sound of Flume crossed with the clever lyricism of Daft Punk-style songwriting, produced with the pop appeal of Coldplay and the throwback vibe of Green Day in mind. It’s the nostalgic summer soundtrack you hear when you think of a group of twenty-somethings piling into the car at sunset, just wanting to go for a drive. Meet Distant Matter - the architect of that sound.

Born Alex Swartz-Seligman, the 20-year-old Toronto-based artist is a multi-instrument prodigy trained in piano, guitar, drums, bass, harmonica, and talk-box. Growing up, Alex learned to channel his energy into music as a creative outlet. He began producing music at age 17 and is currently working on his debut project under the artist name Distant Matter.

Distant Matter recently made his live debut in September 2019, catering mostly to Canadian university students. Distant Matter’s initial breakout work (prior to releasing any single) has already drawn the attention and accolades of Flume and other established artists. This summer, with the release of his  debut project,  Distant Matter’s live shows will be immersive experiences with piano, drums, guitar, and talk box all incorporated.  

What separates Distant Matter from other electronic artists is that he is not a typical DJ. He is a one-man electronic band that plays every instrument on stage for an exhilarating live performance, accompanied by striking visuals inspired by galactic space, designed to illustrate the auditory experience.